Granite Floor Cleaning

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Granite Floor Cleaning

We were called in to pressure clean these granite tiles after the construction of a new restaurant in an existing food court.

Building dust and sand dust that was clinging to the tiles caused the granite to look dull. The abrasive nature of sand had the potential to scratch the floor and make matters worse.

Our work had to be carried out without interfering with other shops and foot traffic entering the building.

We had to clean the tiles without damaging the tiles or sealer and not change the colour to look the same as the tiles in the rest of the food court.

In essence, we had to restore the granite floor and blend it in with the flooring of the open-plan setting.

Servo Clean uses powerful equipment and very specific chemicals in our pressure cleaning service. As this job had very specific requirements, David and his team had to adjust the normal approach to granite floor cleaning.

How Did We Approach The Work?

After consulting with the client, we decided to change the types of our vacuum surface cleaner to a bigger orifice size.

The decrease in suction power meant that there was less chance of grout damage whilst still removing dust and sand.

We also changed the spray pattern from 15 degrees tips that we would normally use on concrete driveways to non-abrasive 40-degree tip.

Again the focus was to clean effectively without being too aggressive. To avoid impacting the normal foot traffic, the job was done with our mobile electric vacuum. This also helped to minimise the noise hazard.

The client was concerned about our cleaning process changing the look of the floor. As a further concession, our technicians did not use cleaning chemicals in the restoration process.

The work got carried out to specification and our client was over the moon with the final result.

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