Professional Quality Service

Professional Quality Service in Perth

professional quality service

Professional quality service starts with free advice and quotes. With the bulk of our commercial work, we prefer to carry out an onsite inspection. This allows Servo Clean staff to gauge the scope of work accurately. We look at it almost as problem-solving. The communication between us and our clients is a crucial part of the process. We will cost the work at a clear hourly rate and within a set time frame. We know that everybody has a set budget and does not like surprises.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Servo Clean technicians work after hours and over weekends. Part of the service is to carry the work out at a time that suits our clients. We know that many commercial customers only have a specific time or day where the work can be carried out.

We know that mishaps and accidents happen from time to time. Each year, our company invests in $ 20 million public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

We solve cleaning problems. Servo Clean has equipment and expertise for all eventualities. Where required, machine modifications are made to address a particular need. This ability to adapt sets us apart from our competition. We use powerful modern equipment. Our machines are regularly updated as cleaning requirements change.

professional quality service

Our satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our cleaning results, we will return free of charge. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all the work we carry out. David and his team are waiting for your call!

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