Satisfaction Guarantee

What is it About?

Satisfaction guarantee. The words are easy to say and easy to write. The question is – what do we actually mean by this undertaking. In the end, it is all about the expectation of our clients and our communication interaction.

On some occasions, the pressure cleaning results will not measure up to what your client is expecting. This is where our technicians will explain the limitations of our cleaning process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our results speak for themselves!

Two examples are highlighted:

An old and worn outdoor pavement has been exposed to the elements for some time. Chips and cracking of the surface are not uncommon. Our high-pressure cleaning is able to make a huge improvement in almost all instances. What we cannot deliver is an “as new surface”. Talking to a client and explaining the limitations is part of our professional service.

At times, stains are permanent. We may be able to lighten and improve the marks but there are instances where our high-pressure cleaning and chemical application may not be enough to get rid of the stains. Our technicians will again discuss this with the client before we start the work.

Clients Forget

It is true that some clients need to be involved during the clean process. The effect of seeing the work in progress highlights the value that pressure cleaning can bring to many jobs. Once the work is completed, it may be harder to remember what the surface looked like before the work started. Communication with the clients again helps the process along.

Full Insurance

In today’s working environment it is crucial to have full commercial and domestic insurance in place. Not everything always goes to plan and accidents however rare, will happen. We want all our clients to know that we have you covered. It is all part of the satisfaction guarantee process. We want our clients to know that our professional quality service is what sets us apart.

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